The Everyman is Back

After ten years’ planning and two years’ construction, the Everyman opens its doors to begin the next chapter in its extraordinary story.

Twelfth NightSat 8 Mar - Sat 5 Apr
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Eat and Drink
Hope PlaceFri 9 May - Sat 31 May
Dead Dog in a Suitcase(and other love songs) Sat 21 Jun - Sat 12 Jul
The Events Tue 8 Apr - Sat 12 Apr
Everyone for the Everyman
Lights UpSaturday 1 March
HousewarmingSunday 2 March


In 2009 we asked you to describe your dream Everyman. In 2011 we asked you to share your memories. Now we invite you to share your hopes and good wishes for the future.

Leave a message online.

Alternatively, leave a message on our Facebook pagesend us a Tweet, or post us a letter in the Playhouse foyer or send to #DearEveryman, Everyman Theatre, Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BH

Rita Thornton-Gray

 Fondly remembering my days at the Everyman Youth Theatre in the 1970s and a particularly wonderful production of Waiting For Godot in the 1990s – I wish you the power to continue enriching the artistic life of the city for many years to come x

Andy Melia

A chance visit to the Everyman in the 70s changed my life. Give it loads!

Paul McCombs

The return of this wonderful place was completed by watching your magnificent performance of ‘Twelfth Night’ on Saturday. Good luck to you all. 

June Lowe

 #DearEveryman Thinking of you all and sending all good wishes.  Born in Liverpool, I have been living in Brighton for over 30 years.  Nonetheless, I remember going to Hope Hall in the ’60s, dancing to The Road Runners on Sunday evenings, and so much more about this wonderful venue.  Just delighted it has had a re-furb and is ready for the future!

Mike James

#DearEveryman 20 years ago I started my career in arts marketing at the ‘Ev’, it inspired and nurtured me and helped me understand what theatre can do, and not only for audiences, but for those who work in this exceptional business. I love the new ‘Ev’, and Liverpool clearly does too. So here’s to its future, long may it continue to inspire.

Veronica and Terry Colam

#DearEveryman Great atmosphere at the ‘housewarming’.  The theatre is utterly stunning .  Congratulations to all who had the vision to recreate this masterpiece.  We look forward to many happy times again being part of the community that is the Everyman.  Thank you.


#deareveryman I came to see, you are looking fab. Looking forward to Twelfth Night. 

Rosalind Gordon

#DearEveryman thank you for 12 years of employment and 30 of inspiration! would not love theatre if it wasn’t for you


#DearEveryman Great job! Will be spending a lot of time here. Excellent open house this morning @LivEveryPlay

Laura Ev & Play

#DearEveryman 4 years ago I made a 10 year old dream to work for you a reality. I’m so overwhelmingly proud to play my part @LivEveryPlay

johanna roberts

#DearEveryman Liverpool has its cultural heartbeat back!

Kate Cotterell

Fell in love with the new Everyman today. Glorious to have it back. Congrats to the whole @LivEveryPlay team. #DearEveryman

Courtney Carey

#DearEveryman soo glad your back can’t wait to be back on stage with YEP #TheGrid

Gill Hughes

#DearEveryman love u SO much after amazing backstage tour. Fab,friendly,light & amazing #architecture @LivEveryPlay

Barbara Hodgson

#DearEveryman I love the new theatre! But please stay anarchic, on the edge and forever irreverent. Best wishes

Katie Godfrey

#DearEveryman continue doing what you do, showcasing Fantastic talent AND building a great community……you do it well

Robert Harrison

#DearEveryman  top way to open a theater,great to hear the big cheer when ste graham bigged up the youth theate,good luck in the new gaff

Dale Robert Nigel

#DearEveryman I wish you every success in the future, following such hard work and dedication from the brilliant staff and volunteers!

Lisa Pickstock

#DearEveryman Welcome back you beautiful, magical place. Happy memories indeed!


#DearEveryman This is where I fell in love with Pete Postlethwaite (RIP) xxx

Peter Ruddick

#DearEveryman It has been a while but “return to sender” and here we are! Back for your reawakening!

Rachel Byrne

#DearEveryman wish I could be in Liverpool tonight to see it – sometime soon! Good Luck x #neweveryman

Everyman Alumni

Brian Nicholson

#DearEveryman I have been having a relationship with your sister while you were away but you will always be my first love. If it’s OK with you I would like continue to see both of you.

catherine williams

#DearEveryman ur a huge part of my childhood&growing up.ran the education dept in 90s. Glorious memories,friends,inspiration Happy re-bday!.

Clare Ollerhead

The #DearEveryman hashtag is making my heart sing a bit, I’m so looking forward to swooning over it’s newly restored beauty soon!

John Byrne

#DearEveryman I have interviewed many great performers in the last decade and quite a few started at Everyman…something in the water :).

Nigel Smith

#DearEveryman When you and I were just teenagers, your embrace made me fall in love with theatre. I hope the affair never ends.

Tony Blaney

#DearEveryman I performed on the old stage years ago, I hope I get a chance to work on the new one! @LivEveryPlay @LivEveryPlate.


#DearEveryman break a leg. See you tonight.

Useful Donkey Theatre Co

#DearEveryman @LivEveryPlay @gemmabodinetz @debaydon Have a wonderful celebration today! Nice to know good things are happening.


#DearEveryman I’m so happy you’re back! Looking forward to the exciting and world class theatre you’ll undoubtedly produce!

Matthew Xia

#DearEveryman I look forward to partying with you tonight. Wear something nice.

Elizabeth Blake

#DearEveryman some of the most memorable shows I have seen have been here, can’t wait to see what’s in store! @LivEveryPlay.

Crayg Ward

#DearEveryman Welcome back, our excited eyes & minds are ready to be blown away. Happy St David’s Day Every-Play… Play On….

allan foy

#DearEverymanStarted the youth theatre 17yrs ago, started working there 14yrs ago and never really left! Let’s make this weekend great!.

Pippa ‏Lea

#DearEveryman even the sun is happy to have you back. Open in my mind for a while now but today those thoughts become a reality. #goforit.


#DearEveryman Welcome home! You’re looking amazing Best wishes to all @LivEveryPlay & @LivEveryPlate so proud to be part of the journey.

Michael Ball

#DearEveryman over 30 years since The Warp and it still resonates. Looking forward to the next 30. Good luck @LivEveryPlay.


#DearEveryman Were very excited today! Welcome back, Weve missed you! Good luck to all at @LivEveryPlay we cant wait to visit!.


#DearEveryman Proud to be part of the old EV & can’t wait to see the new one! The same fantastic team too. My @LivEveryPlay family! x.

Grant Brisland

#DearEveryman I continue to be struck by the love for the #DearEveryman. Different generations and different cultures united by the Ev (and the Bistro!) So tempted to jump in the car for 3 hours to visit the new #DearEveryman….

Rebecca Hutchinson

#DearEveryman wishing you a wonderful opening week! :) Can’t wait to visit and hope very much to work with you in the future x.

Joy Blakeman

#DearEverymanI’ve loved u long time.U have provided me with pleasure, work, inspiration & a husband. Enjoy #Day1 X.

Frances du Pille

#DearEveryman have a cracking opener looking forward to visiting soon.

Nicky Swift

#DearEveryman The day has finally arrived for the New @LivEveryPlay to open. Wish I could be there. Congrats to all @debaydon @gemmabodinetz.


#DearEverymanso excited for today – to see inside at last! Cannot wait to bring whole company to see Twelfth Night on 25th March #LightsUp

Rob Beamer

#DearEverymanit’s nearly here, after an interval lasting nearly two years act two is about to start, thank you all who have made it happen!

Sarah Vezmar

#DearEveryman The day has finally come!I can’t wait to visit&see the new theatre I started at.Gd luck @debaydon @gemmabodinetz @LivEveryPlay

fiona ‏@bertilil

#DearEveryman I know you are in Liverpool but I wish you were closer #selfish #London #AllTheBest.

Bridget ‏@words_and_page

#DearEveryman bring on the neon ~ beacon of all good things on Hope Street. We. Have. Missed. You.

Alex Chisholm

#DearEveryman reopens today! Love and luck to all at @LivEveryPlay esp @gemmabodinetz & @debaydon can’t wait to come see it.

Hannah McGowan

#DearEveryman Praise be to the Everyman! @gemmabodinetz @debaydon So honoured to be part of the Everyman family! #HomeSweetHome #LightsUp x.

Daniel Haynes

#DearEveryman Let you continue to inspire our generation and the new generation! @LivEveryPlay #LightsUp.

Robert Harrison

#DearEveryman hope you have a youth thearter challenging exciting plays,new young playwrights plus events in the bistro vibrant arts centre

Annabelle Dowler

#DearEveryman You get my first ever tweet! Huge congratulations and love to all involved @LivEveryPlay Can’t wait to meet you soon!.

Matthew Gabrielli

#DearEveryman Can’t wait for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing the YEP space as well..

Eileen Lambert

#DearEveryman Welcome back! You’re looking fabulous! Best wishes to all @LivEveryPlay and @LivEveryPlate this weekend and for the future. xx


#DearEveryman best of luck with all the opportunities coming your way. A new chapter is just beginning! #excited 

Liverpool Commercial District

#DearEveryman the best wishes from @CityCentralBID and @Lplcommdistrict team! Welcome back!! pic.twitter.com/9oJoxP808S.

Kevin Harvey

Northern Stage

#DearEveryman grand opening tomorrow – break a leg! sending love from across the country (and up a bit)

Richard Schofield

Excited for opening of new Everyman! Hoping for local writers to be given a platform to showcase their works. #DearEveryman 

Stephen Fletcher

#DearEveryman great to have you back!Can’t wait to get in there.Congratulations to everyone who has made you look so amazing.

Hannah McGowan

 #DearEveryman  You have been & will always be my second home. Lots to look forward to especially YEP performing on the main stage #Honoured x

Jeanie O’Hare

In fact what has stayed with me today is that the unity and flow of the building is like a really good play #DearEveryman 


#DearEveryman I spent some of the happiest years at the Everyman: a magical space. Sending thanks for that and luck for your new beginnings

Mark Thomas

 #DearEveryman So many great memories of this fabulous theatre. Can’t wait to see the new you!

Louisa Bennett

#DearEveryman Can’t believe the time is almost upon us… Incredibly proud to have played even the smallest role in this incredible occasion. Good luck to all for the weekend, can’t wait to see you all (and it!) very soon xx 

Tom Martin

#DearEveryman I really wish I could be there this weekend but that makes me even more excited to see Twelfth Night in a few weeks! #PlayOn

Chloe Egan

#DearEveryman the best of luck for the future..and best of luck for you two lovely ladies and the grand opening! @debaydon @gemmabodinetz 


#DearEveryman best of luck with all the opportunities coming your way. A new chapter is just beginning! @debaydon @gemmabodinetz #excited


#DearEveryman Congrats on the wonderful new you.I’m jealous I’m stuck in Sydney & can’t just pop in & say hello!! Chookas from Australia. X 

Niall Costigan

#DearEveryman the very best to all and especially @debaydon and @gemmabodinetz with the new opening. Long may the Everyman live!

R Charity

#DearEveryman looking forward to the return of an amazing #Liverpool institution. A great asset for this fantastic city!

Roweena Peers

#DearEveryman You beautiful thing.Time to show the world what you’re made of.

Gillian Lemon

#DearEveryman Very exciting to have you back! Hoping for many exciting evenings at the theatre and bistro.x 


#DearEveryman Every good wish for a wonderful and successful future. 

Maureen Rimmer

#DearEveryman I hope that another generation will gain as much pleasure from your productions as we did in “the old days”, but in more comfortable seats! 

Ed Barrett

#DearEveryman Haven’t felt this excited since waiting for Father Christmas when I was five! A new Everyman: what a gift!

Joan Burnett

#DearEveryman I just can’t wait for the Ev to be back open – it’s been like having limb missing! “Break a leg” for the opening weekend – if you could hug a building I would!

Robert Harrison

#DearEveryman bringing the family over on saturday for reopening ceremony,had great times in eyt,watching plays in the bistro

Heather Hoy

#DearEveryman I have been watching you grow on the webcam and I am so excited.  I can’t wait until you finally open your doors and I can come in and see what you look like and one day I hope that one of my plays is performed on your stage.  I send you my best wishes and hope that the future is a bright and happy one.


#DearEveryman pics look fab, modern and traditional at the same time, at last a performance space to match the performances.

Rio Matchett

#DearEveryman could not be more proud or excited to be associated with you and YEP at this time. We are the history makers.

Kate Benfield

#DearEveryman I genuinely just got giddy with butterflies in my stomach because you’re so nearly back. You are the theatre that inspired me.

Zoe Marras

#DearEveryman can’t wait to see you on Hope Street again! Hope you continue to inspire, entertain and give opportunity to young actors :-)


#DearEveryman We have all missed you, (especially the Bistro,) can’t wait to be reunited with my Christmas present seats for Twelfth Night.

Mike Ashworth

#DearEveryman a new chapter for wonderful theatre. Persuade Stephen Graham to come back to perform sometime, even better. 

Gill Hughes

#DearEveryman #cantwait to see you again!!!! Will be travelling all the way from #Sheffield to join in the fun next weekend xx

Kevin Pulford

#DearEveryman, Many congratulations to all at the Everyman on making your dream a reality. With the refurbishment of theatre now complete I hope this brings you many a packed house and further enhances theatre in Liverpool, just sorry I can’t be there for the opening ceremony. 


#DearEveryman, The Everyman has played a part in every year of our adult lives, and now it will continue to do so! Really looking forward to the new ol friend. 

Terry Doyle

#DearEverymanFrom the son of one of the original staff members of the inaugural Everyman Theatre of the Sixties,may I extend both myself and my wife’s best wishes for the new venture.If you are half as successful as the early days you will continue the legend that is !!Everyman!!


#DearEveryman, we hope that :
- the Bistro remains as safe and welcoming a venue as it always was.
-present and future generations find the Everyman as exciting, entertaining and romantic as ours did.
- the Everyman continues to host and nurture writers and performers who will become household names in the coming 50 years(or more).
- Everyman and Playhouse weather the financial storms and emerge stronger than ever
- government and media realise that the best expressions of the arts exist outside of London, and deserve their support. 


#DearEveryman, good to have you back. Looking forward to seeing you soon. 

Michelle Swallow

#DearEveryman We are really looking forward to seeing the first production and hope that the Everyman will promote cultural arts, maintaining its inclusive approach and recognising the diverse culture of the city 

Paula O’Malley

#DearEveryman Delighted it has kept the same inclusive feeling and all the spaces are welcoming  

Home Sweet Home

It has been thrilling and inspiring to see the new Everyman taking shape. All it needs now is you to come and make yourself at home.

The New Theatre

The new theatre
The accessible and environmentally sustainable new Everyman combines the trademark wrap-around auditorium and basement bistro with many new facilities. Light, open social spaces including a street café and upstairs theatre bar; rehearsal and workshop...


The Everyman has been a social and creative hub for decades – now it offers beautiful new places to meet, eat, drink and relax, from breakfast to the early hours. Enjoy the basement bistro, with its cosy corners and wood-burning stove; watch...

Opening times and finding us

Opening times and finding us
The Everyman Theatre is back on the corner of Hope Street, opposite Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Our Box Office is open Monday to Saturday from 10am until 6pm and until the start of the show on performance nights. The street café is open from 8.30am...


Discover all the new theatre has to offer with free backstage tours. From 1 April to 30 August, tours are available at 11.30am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (subject to the stage programme).Book with Box Office on 0151 709 4766.



For the first time the Everyman will have lift access to all floors, plus a platform lift to facilitate escape in an emergency. We have more spaces for wheelchairs in the theatre itself at both levels as well as seats that are wider than the old theatre,...

A Greener Theatre

A Greener Theatre
The four majestic chimneys on the roof of the Everyman are a sign of the natural ventilation in all the main spaces – theatre, EV1, social spaces, offices and rehearsal room – which will reduce our carbon footprint and offer a better quality of air. We...



The new Everyman is much more than just a theatre and offers the chance to entertain and host events, parties, meetings and conferences. We have two meeting rooms on the top floor – one with a large balcony with views of both cathedrals – and EV2,...

Name a Seat

Name a seat
If you’d like to make your mark on the new theatre or are looking for an original and personal gift for someone who loves theatre, then it isn’t too late to name a seat in the new Everyman. By dedicating a seat, you’ll create a lasting tribute...

Dear Everyman

In 2009 we asked you to describe your dream Everyman. In 2011 we asked you to share your memories. Now we invite you to share your hopes and good wishes for the future.


Got a General Enquiry?

You can email us your questions on


How we built the everyman

The new theatre has been 10 years in the planning and has taken over two years to build.

The journey so far
The new Everyman’s journey began in 1999 when the Everyman and Playhouse came together as one company. At that time it was clear that each building was overdue for investment. The Playhouse received funding to enable it to re-open in 2000, and the process of planning a long-term solution began in 2002.

January 2004 > New artistic programme launched
2004-05 > Feasibility study
April 2007 > Architects appointed
2008-09 > On-going consultation with artists and audiences
April 2008 > The Everyman is bought back
July 2009 > Arts Council England confirm their investment
May 2010 > Plans submitted to Liverpool City Council
August 2010 > Planning permission granted
April 2011 > Funding package complete
June 2011 > Final production: Macbeth
July 2011 > The Everyman closes with ‘The Finale’
November 2011 > Construction begins
January 2012 > Ground-breaking
June 2013 > Topping Out
November 2013 > Opening season announced
March 2014 > The new Everyman opened

Who designed and built it

Who designed and built it
The new Everyman is designed by leading theatre architects Haworth Tompkins, who are also responsible for many award winning theatre spaces including London’s Royal Court, Young Vic, The Shed and Bush theatres; the Ustinov Studio and the Egg children’s’...

Who funded it

Who funded it
The new Everyman is funded thanks to £16.8m of public funding by the National Lottery from Arts Council England, £5.9m from the European Regional Development Fund and £2.5m from the Northwest Regional Development Agency. Over £1.9m of private...


The portrait wall

The portrait wall
The striking frontage of the new Everyman is a large-scale artwork created to be a powerful expression of the fact the Everyman is and always will be for everyone. It features 105 portraits of people of all ages and backgrounds from across the...

A hub of creativity

A hub of creativity
The future of this always-pioneering theatre depends on developing the talent of tomorrow, so the new building is full of creative spaces and two are particularly special. EV1 is the studio where Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP) and our education...